What Will I Be Asked To Do?

P20 - Walter with eyetracker and screen.jpg


If you agree to take part in this study, a research team member will get in touch with you to schedule a time for a study visit. Study visits will take place in the eye tracking lab of Tobin Hall, on the UMASS-Amherst campus. Free parking will be provided in a lot adjacent to the building. 

During the study visit, a research team member will ask you some questions about your background and other information that might affect your oculomotor function (eye movements). You may skip any question you feel uncomfortable answering. You will also be asked to do a short task involving counting. 

After you’ve answered the questions, you will be asked to sit a certain distance from a monitor (like a TV screen) and to put on a special pair of research eyeglasses. These glasses look a lot like regular glasses except they have very small cameras on them that follow the movements of your eyes. The glasses send information about your eye movements to a nearby computer. You can wear the research eyeglasses OVER your own glasses or contact lenses, if you need them to see the screen.

When you are ready, the researcher will start something called a ‘visual task’ on the screen. This ‘visual task’ will involve small dots that will appear and move around on the screen. You will be asked to do your best to follow these dots with your eyes

At the end of the study visit, you will receive compensation for your time, up to $100.